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Being an adolescent is not an easy task. It's potentially one of the most difficult phase's of our lives. Our bodies change, full of raging hormones and chemicals. Suddenly our once cherished parents and families become uncool, it's embarrassing to be spotted in public with them. 

Parents and families become confused about what is happening to their once lovely little child. Adolescents feel overwhelmed with all of the changes. Anxiety and depression set in and before you know it, your adolescent is moodier than before. 

The way I work is, I try to support the parents and the adolescent to adapt to these perfectly natural developmental stages. In the first and initial session, I will ask (where possible) for both parents/ guardians to attend with their adolescent.

Often fathers don't feel important or that it's not important to attend with their children but it is important. Fathers sometimes feel powerless, redundant but they are very important. Attachment theory focuses on the importance of mothers but I like to include both parents.

Once we meet initially,  then we will look at how to proceed, sometimes it's necessary for the parents to come again on a one to one basis and sometimes it's not. I like to work collaboratively with both adolescent and parent and try to facilitate negotiating the boundaries.  Often, this is where a lot of problems arise, parents don't give their children the freedom to grow and explore or children get too much, also some adolescents don't respect their parents boundaries. The once harmonious house they all occupied is now filled with arguments and conflicts. Parents and adolescents rarely agree on what they issues are and see the world through different lenses. This is why I like to get the full picture by meeting both parents and adolescent. 

  Sometimes the adolescents are not worried about themselves- they feel they are just fine. Sometimes the problems the adolescent faces are directly related to their family. Often parents have a lot of anxiety about their adolescent, is their behaviour normal, why are they spending so much time alone in their bedroom? It can be reassuring for both adolescent and parent to know that their behaviour is perfectly normal for their developmental stage. 

Do you worry about your adolescent? Are you an adolescent who is worried about themselves, if so I would be happy to talk to you and your parents.


giving a voice to all of our parts, integrating what we have lost or disowned

"There are no problems, only tasks and opportunities" Roberto Assagioli


" A child has difficulty feeling a sense of self without boundaries & limits. He will become anxious if they are not present and often act out to find them." Violet Oaklander