Welcome to my page, thank you for visiting. I am a fully qualified counsellor/ psychotherapist. In total, I have studied    counselling/ psychotherapy for 8 years. My qualifications are: Dip in counselling/psychotherapy, BSc. (hon) in relational counselling/ psychotherapy and finally an MSc in Adolescent psychotherapy. I also have qualifications in art and design and creative writing.
I have worked in Its good to talk, The DMC clinic and The Novara Centre in Bray. I worked with both adults and adolescents and continue to see both. I volunteered in FDYS in Wexford for two years as a youth counsellor.

My primary training was focussed on adults but then I went on to do a MSc in adolescent psychotherapy. 

 My initial training was integrative which means I draw on a lot of different theories and styles, I have also done a years training in the Irish Gestalt Centre which was invaluable to my personal growth. For my MSc which is purely adolescent psychotherapy we used Gestalt theory to explain and explore adolescent development. I find this is a very helpful way to understand adolescents and especially their creative adjustments; eating disorders, drinking, self harming, etc... I work creatively with both adult and adolescents. For the MSc, I researched emerging adults (17-26) and their anxieties around becoming an adult. This gave my great insight to their fears and worries. 

 I have extensive experience working with fostered children and their families, this involves lots of multidisplinary meetings with other professionals, doctors, social workers, psychologists, guardian ad litems, etc... Ibelieve a collaborate approach with adolescents and the professionals who work with them is best practice. 
In 2019 I worked with a company called Archways as a family therapist here in the South East. This involved visiting foster families in their home and addressing their issues with them and their foster child. I currently work as an in house psychotherapist in a residential home. Here I work with adolescents from ages 11- 18. This involves engaging with young people in group settings and individually, Many of these young people would have learning disabilities and very challenging behaviours. 
I have been in private practise since 2016. 

  I am committed to learning and to my own personal growth and  I believe our clients are our greatest teachers. 

 I am fully accredited with IACP and I abide by their code of ethics. 

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